Functions and Objectives


The objectives of the Agency are as follows:

  • To improve the quality of business regulation – prevent and eliminate unjustified regulatory frameworks;
  • Promote stakeholder consultation in the regulatory making process;
  • Ease and reduce the cost of compliance with regulation; and
  • Foster a business friendly, transparent, simpler, cost effective and efficient regulatory regime.

Functions Of BRRA

In accordance with the Business Regulatory Amendment Act No.14 of 2018, the major functions of the Agency are to provide an efficient, cost-effective and accessible business licensing system. Other functions are as follows:

  1. Review a matter relating to business regulation or licensing on its own initiative or on a representation formal person or business;
  2. Advise Government on matters relating to business regulation and licensing;
  3. Issue guidelines and standards for regulatory impact assessments and public consultations to be undertaken by regulatory agencies;
  4. Manage and update the e-registry;
  5. Approve regulatory frameworks submitted under this Act;
  6. Promote more accessible and systematic public consultation strategies and develop a website portal for public interventions on issues of business regulation;
  7. Advise regulatory agencies on the efficient and cost-effective regulation and licensing of business activities;
  8. Monitor and report on the activities of regulatory agencies related to business regulation, quality control and compliance with this Act;
  9. Determine requests for licensing of business activities by a regulatory agency;
  10. Design an annual action plan for the implementation of regulatory services centres and a single licensing system and oversee and coordinate the implementation of the action plan; and
  11. Carry out, periodically, regulatory impact assessments on business regulation and licensing.