The Business Regulatory Review Agency (BRRA) has called on regulatory agencies and public bodies to follow the laid down procedures when introducing any regulations or levies.

According to the Business Regulatory Act, No.3 or 2014, regulatory agencies and public bodies are required to undertake a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) before introducing a regulation or law to ensure that only regulations that serve a legitimate regulatory purpose and impose the least burden on businesses are adopted.

The Agency said this through Director for Regulatory Affairs, David Frank Banda who is conducting a RIA engagement with the Sinazongwe Town Council in Southern Province.

This follows the Council’s notification to BRRA on the proposed introduction of a coal levy which is meant to help the Local Authority collect revenue and channel it towards addressing the adverse effects of coal mining in Sinazongwe District such as environmental degradation, air and land pollution and damages to roads among others.

BRRA provides technical support to regulatory agencies and public bodies in conducting RIAs. This falls under one of the Agency’s functions of issuing guidelines and standards for regulatory impact assessments and public consultations.

The RIA engagement exercise is taking place in Sinazongwe from Monday 8th to Friday 12th January, 2024

In fulfilling one of its objectives of promoting a conducive business regulatory environment, the Business Regulatory Review Agency (BRRA) is conducting a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) engagement with the Bank of Zambia.

This follows the Bank of Zambia’s notification to BRRA on the proposed review of the National Payment Systems Act of 2007.

The objective of the legislative review is to improve clarity of the law, refine the oversight and control mechanisms and provide for resilience of payment systems in the National Payment Systems Sector. It will also provide for emerging issues and technologies in the National Payment Systems.

The BRRA Executive Director Sharon Sichilongo has commended the Bank of Zambia for taking the necessary steps towards conducting a RIA for the proposed legislative changes.

The Agency’s goal is to create a culture where regulatory institutions could independently and proactively assess, evaluate and navigate the effects of regulatory measures in their specific domains.

The Executive Director is accompanied by Director – Regulatory Affairs, David F. Banda and Senior Regulatory Impact Assessment Analyst Thelma Musonda.

The RIA engagement exercise, taking place in Kabwe from 18th – 22nd December, 2023, is being conducted in accordance with the requirements under Section 6 of the Business Regulatory Act No. 3 of 2014 which obligates public bodies to perform a regulatory impact assessment

when proposing to introduce a policy or law for regulating business activity

The Business Regulatory Re-view Agency (BRRA) officially launched the Solwezi Regula-tory Services Centre on 6th May, 2021.

The guest of honour at the launch, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Hon. Christopher Yaluma, said the establishment of the Solwezi Regulatory Services Centre was expected to address the challenge of informality which characterises micro and small businesses along the Lobito Corridor. Further, Mr Yaluma said the experience associated with regulatory services centres was that of shortened and simplified administrative procedures as well as reduction of the time it takes to comply with various business regulatory requirements thereby removing unnecessary bureaucracy in establishing or maintaining a business. He added that the establishment of Regulatory Services Centres (RSCs) was government’s initiative aimed at improving the business environment in Zambia through provision of an efficient regulatory clearance system.

North Western Province Minister Hon. Nathaniel Mubukwanu said the Province must begin to fully utilise the centre and ensure that it delivers a prompt, efficient and transparent service to the business community. He further urged institutions that would be operating in the centre to do their best and offer services beyond people’s expectations.

BRRA Director and Chief Executive Officer Sharon Sichilongo commended Solwezi Municipal Council for providing office space for the Solwezi Regulatory Services Centre. ‘‘The Business Regulatory Review Agency enjoys a cordial relationship with Solwezi Municipal Council and the Agency looks forward to continued excellent collaboration between the two institutions well into the future,’’ she said. Mrs Sichilongo added that the establishment and operationalisation of the Solwezi Regulatory Services Centre was done with support from the Lobito Corridor Trade Facilitation Project un-der the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry. ‘‘As a result of this support, the Solwezi Regulatory Services Centre is fully equipped with state-of-the art furniture and ICT equipment,’’ she said.

The Business Regulatory Review Agency is committed to ensuring that the business regulatory environment is stable and conducive for doing business.Speaking during the engagement meeting with Ndola and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NDCCI) on Thursday, 22nd April 2021, BRRA Director and CEO Sharon Sichilongo said the Agency will continue engaging the private sector on business regulatory matters. She said the Agency was committed to addressing the challenges that the Chamber of Commence highlighted during the meeting. She further commended NDCCI for being active in executing its role as a link between business entities and Government.Ndola and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry Past President Ashu Sagar appreciated the role the Agency was playing in addressing business regulatory challenges that businesses were facing in the country. He further added that NDCCI and the Agency should have more engagements in a bid to create a conducive business regulatory environment.

The Business Regulatory Review Agency (BRRA) is currently undertaking a validation and vetting exercise in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice on business licenses, permits, certificates, authorisations and ensuing fees, charges and levies. The exercise is taking place from 21st to 31st December, 2020.The Agency is targeting to upload onto the e-Registry business licenses, permits and certificates from local authorities in Central Province in line with the Agency’s 2020 target. The exercise is pursuant to section 8 of the Business Regulatory Act No.3 of 2014 and is aimed at ensuring that licenses, permits, certificates and authorisations have legal effect, validity and enforceability insofar as business activities are concerned. The e-Registry is a database aimed at providing easy access to exhaustive information about business regulatory frameworks, including formalities that businesses have to comply with in order to obtain a license, permit, certificate or authorisation in Zambia.