About Us

The Business Regulatory Review Agency (BRRA) is a Statutory Body under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry. The Agency was established through an Act of Parliament, the Business Regulatory Act, No. 3 of 2014 and became fully operational in January 2016. The establishment of BRRA presents an opportunity for Zambia to create and promote a conducive business regulatory environment. The mandate of BRRA is to review and approve proposed policies and laws that affect business activity to ensure they are legitimate and serve the intended purpose as well as coordinate development and implementation of appropriate government-to-business interventions aimed at reducing the regulatory burden on businesses.


“A dynamic Agency fostering a conducive business regulatory environment”.


The mandate of the Agency is to ensure an efficient, cost effective and accessible business licensing system.


“To regulate business policies and laws in order to create a cost-effective and conducive business environment”. In order to accomplish the mission, we have committed to observing the following six core values.”

BRRA Core Values


We discharge our duties with honesty and uphold highest ethical standards at all times.


We work together as members of staff for the attainment of goals regardless of one’s background. We also partner well with stakeholders in the execution of our mandate.


We are impartial in our actions and treat every client without favoritism or discrimination.


We take responsibility for our decisions and actions.


We are open to evidence-based decision making and communication.


We embrace creativity and strive for efficacy by enabling the development of new products, services and systems. We endeavor to evolve and proactively respond to the changing needs of the private sector.

The Business Regulatory Review Agency is currently operating under the 2022 – 2026 Strategic Plan whose focus has been broken down into three strategic themes, namely operational excellence, strategic partnerships and business regulatory excellence leading to high quality services, improved regulatory services and conducive business environment respectively.

The Strategic Plan is aligned to the Eighth National Development Plan in accordance with the National Planning and Budgeting Act No. 1 of 2020. The alignment will ensure that the priorities of Government relating to the Agency’s mandate are effectively implemented.

The following are the eight strategic objectives to be deployed in fulfilling the Agency’s mandate.

  1. Improve regulation of business policies and laws
  2. Improve management of Regulatory Services
  3. Enhance business Regulatory Impact Assessment processes
  4. Enhance awareness of BRRA’s mandate
  5. Improve financial resource Management
  6. Improve management systems
  7. Improve human capital and
  8. Improve office accommodation