Objectives and Function of BRRA

The BRRA is established pursuant to the Business Regulatory Act No. 3 of 2014. The Act is an instrument under business licensing and regulatory reforms which are aimed at creating a conducive environment within which the private sector, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises, can grow and flourish.

1.0    Objectives of the Agency
a)    To improve the quality of regulation by ensuring that businesses are regulated in a fair, equitable and transparent manner and for specific and legitimate reasons (better regulation);
b)    To ensure consistent regulation, curb red tape and abuse of regulatory powers  and that businesses have a say in their regulation;
c)    To ensure that regulatory bodies discharge their functions effectively and efficiently and in a coordinated manner;
d)    To ease and reduce the cost of compliance with regulation; and ultimately,
e)    Foster a pro-business, transparent, simpler and cost effective regulatory regime.

2.0    Functions of the Agency

The functions of the Agency are as follows:
1.    Reviewing and approving proposed regulatory frameworks;
2.    Managing the e-registry;
3.    Facilitating single licensing for the various sectors;
4.    Providing secretarial, technical and administrative support services to the Business Regulatory Review Committee;
5.    Developing and disseminating guidelines and standards for regulators to undertake RIAs and public consultations;
6.    Monitoring and evaluating the business regulatory framework in the various sectors;
7.    Building capacity and provision of technical support to regulatory agencies on the provision of regulatory services (terms and conditions of issuing licenses, certificates, permits or authorization)  in conformity to the Act;
8.    Facilitating implementation of the action plans designed by the Committee on regulatory service centers and single licensing system; and
9.    Overseeing regulatory service centers.