To develop and implement business regulatory interventions in order to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses.

  1.  To  establish and maintain an e-registry in order to facilitate access to regulatory information and services;
  2. To establish and maintain Single Licensing Systems for various sectors in order to streamline licensing procedures;
  3. To coordinate the establishment and maintenance of Regulatory Services Centres (RSCS) in order to facilitate efficient business registration;
  4. To engage regulators and other key stakeholders on regulatory matters in order to facilitate development of appropriate business regulatory interventions; and
  5. To coordinate development and delivery of capacity building programmes for regulatory agencies in order to enhance their service delivery

Implementation of programmes and activities under this department will result in the following outcomes:

  1. Improved transparency of business licensing and other administrative procedures through establishment of an authoritative e-registry.
  2. Reduction in the number of licenses and reduced compliance costs, through streamlining of the procedures and single licensing;
  3. Increased reach of front counter and online government-to-business service delivery through the establishment of Regulatory Services Centers in all provinces; and
  4. Reduced compliance costs, reduced revenue leakages and improved accountability through the implementation of shared business licensing system; and
  5. Improved regulatory oversight through sharing of business information across government.