Smart Regulation to boost the business environment

Government operationalised the Business Regulatory Review Agency (BRRA) in January 2016, a Statutory Body charged with the responsibility of  promoting mainstreaming and institutionalizing of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in regulatory agencies in order to ensure smart regulation in the country. The RIA will ensure that Government Ministries and Agencies conduct enough consultation and analysis before new regulations  and policies are introduced in the country.

RIA is being coordinated by BRRA in collaboration with the Policy Analysis and Coordination (PAC) Division of Cabinet Office.

RIA allows Ministries, and stakeholders in the proposed measure area to understand the reasons behind the proposed action, the options being considered and how the measure will impact the social-economy and business environment.

Thus the main objectives of implementing RIA in Zambia are to attain improved understanding of the impacts of regulatory action, improved transparency and consultation and improved government accountability.

RIA was a good intervention tool that will open up dialogue and result in improved quality of policies, laws and regulations in Zambia.

RIA presents an opportunity for the private sector to come up with proposals regarding regulation as it encourages dialogue and consultation between public and private sectors.

BRRA will continue to spearhead specific interventions towards the reforms of the business regulatory framework to be implemented in order to achieve targeted policy objectives more efficiently and in a more inclusive manner.

BRRA works with Government Ministries and Agencies to implement business reforms in Zambia to create a conducive business environment.